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About Us

HiokCloud is a cloud service provided by Hiok Limited company. Hiok is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include HIOKVPS - VPS Hosting Platform, HiokCloud - Cloud Storage Platform and HiokUrl - Url Shortener & Bio link Generator Tool

  • Providing Secure Cloud Storage
  • Cheap VPS Hosting Platform
  • Free Url Shortener with Powerful Analytics Platform

HiokCloud has certain Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Software is our craft and our passion. At Hiok, we create beautiful software to solve customer problems and needs. We believe that software is the ultimate product of the mind and the hands.

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Services We Provide


Cheap Most Powerful VPS Hosting Platform


Fully Encrypted Cloud Storage Buckets at Affordable Cost


Url Shortener Powered with Advanced Analytics



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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with HiokCloud storage?

You can Store all your files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, music, videos, zip, PDF or any other Files in a secure, centralized location where you can access your data anywhere at any time from any device.

How many files can I upload?

You can upload as many files as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum storage space and upload fie size limit allotted to your plan.

How to send files/folders from one HiokCloud user account to another HiokCloud user account?

1. Click the more actions menu (⋮) associated with the file/folder object. 2. Click “Send Folder To” option. 3. Type the Email and click send button.

How do I upgrade my HiokCloud account?

To upgrade your account, click the Buy Storage Button from left side menu, on the next opened page choose the plan you want to upgrade to, you will be directed to paypal payment page for purchase. For other payment option you can contact us through live chat or by email request specifying your account details and the plan you want to upgrade.

Which files types am I allowed to upload?

You can upload any file types.

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